Clinical evidence of nasal eucoleosis in dogs from central Italy

In the past few years the respiratory nematode Eucoleus boehmi has been increasingly reported in dogs from Europe, including Italy. Nonetheless, knowledge of the clinical importance of this parasitosis in canine practice is still poor. The present work describes 20 clinical cases of canine nasal eucoleosis (CNE) from central Italy in 2012-2013, to provide new insights into the clinical features of the infection and to promote awareness among veterinarians. Twenty dogs, scored positive for E. boehmi eggs at copromicroscopic examination, were selected and history details and clinical data were collected. Most of the infected animals (70%) were hunting dogs which lived in rural or suburban areas of central Italy, often in crowded conditions. The most frequently observed clinical sign was nasal discharge (16/20), followed by repeated sneezing (11/20) and cough (7/20). Other respiratory signs, e.g. epistaxis, and impaired sense of smell were also found, albeit less frequently. These results suggest that E. boehmi should be included in the differential diagnoses of upper respiratory tract disorders of the dog.

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  • Authors: Morganti G., Di Cesare A., Diaferia M., Antognoni M. T., Veronesi F.
  • Year: 2015
  • Reference: Veterinaria Anno 29, n. 2, Aprile 2015
  • Pages: 43 - 49
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