Musladin-Lueke syndrome of the Beagle: first report in Italy

Musladin-Lueke syndrome (MLS), also called Chinese Beagle syndrome, is a genetic disorder that affects Beagle dogs. It is due to a mutation in the ADAMTSL2 gene. This report describes the first two cases of MLS in Italy. Two Beagle littermates were presented for evaluation of abnormal gait. Physical examination identified the typical phenotype: a flat skull, higher ear set,
ear folds and slanted eyes. Upon orthopaedic examination an evident stiff gait with reduced range of motion was observed. The dogs showed a characteristic “ballerina-like” stance, with only the digital pads of the 3rd and 4th digits resting on the ground. X-rays and computed tomography showed increased radiopacity of the soft tissues of the limbs and mineralisation of the hock joint capsule. The diagnosis of MLS was confirmed by a genetic test performed on whole blood.

Additional Info

  • Authors: 1 Siracusa A., 2 Raschi A., 2 Mannucci T., 1 Matteini A., 2 Carlucci F., 2 Citi S.
  • Authors note: 1 Libero professionista, Firenze, Italia - 2 Dipartimento di Scienze Veterinarie, Università di Pisa, Italia
  • Year: 2017
  • Reference: Veterinaria Year 31, n. 1, February 2017
  • Pages: 1 - 5
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