Fracture of the lateral humeral condyle after a bone cyst treated with a self-compressing pin

An 8-month old Maltese dog was referred because of a pathological fracture of the lateral portion of the right humeral condyle. A diagnosis of unicameral bone cyst was made based on radiographs, cytology/histology and long-term follow-up. Reduction and fixation, performed with a self-compressing pin, were preferred to amputation or arthrodesis. The dog did not experience any complications associated with the procedure. Functional recovery of the limb at the 1-year follow-up was considered excellent.

Additional Info

  • Authors: Baroni T., Baroni E.
  • Authors note: Clinica Veterinaria Baroni, Rovigo, Italy
  • Year: 2017
  • Reference: Veterinaria Year 31, n. 2, April 2017
  • Pages: 1 - 7
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