Minimally invasive excision of non-palpable lymph nodes after preoperative ultrasoundguided hook-wire localization in dogs

Introduction and aim of the study: We present a technique for preoperative tracking and the subsequent surgical removal of non-palpable lymph nodes in dogs.
Materials and Methods: A disposable localization needle was positioned preoperatively under ultrasound guidance, before elective excision of the inguinal lymph node in four dogs. The needle contains a steel wire, with a hook on the tip that springs open when protruded beyond the needle tip, and anchors the wire into the tissues. After that, the introducer needle was pulled out leaving the wire anchored to the target, then the dog was able to be carried to the operating room. A small incision was required immediately close to the wire skin entry, then the wire led the surgeon’s dissection down to the lymph node. After the coagulation of lymph vessels and isolation from surrounding tissues the lymph node was removed, then dead space and skin were closed routinely.
Results: This technique was used in four dogs allowing quick and minimally invasive excision of the targeted lymph node (inguinal) in all of them without complications.
Discussion: Percutaneous localization of non-palpable lymph nodes in dogs, using hook-wire needles under ultrasound guidance, seems to be a useful tool to perform rapid and minimally invasive lymphadenectomy, with potential application in other clinical settings.

Additional Info

  • Authors: Cattai A., Pierini A., Carusi U., Carli A., Cinti F., Pisani G.
  • Authors note: Centro Veterinario Pisani Carli Chiodo, Via P. Togliatti 8/10 Luni Mare, 19034 Luni SP
  • Year: 2020
  • Reference: Veterinaria Year 34, n. 2, April 2020
  • Pages: 81 - 87
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